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Crowdfunding Your Video With TubeStart

What is CrowdFunding?

Lets say you have a great idea that you have started working on, but you are not able to complete the project due to lack of funds. This is where people use CrowdFunding, which is posting a video about your project or idea, and explain to people what they will get out of your final product and get people interested in your product to fund it.


You get charged 4% – 6% if you manage to reach the goal(which you have to set at the start), or even more if you fail. Also note that you also loose 4% on credit card processing fees. As much as this can help you to succeed in with your idea or product, you should also be aware of the risk that comes with it. You can pay a hefty amount in case you fail to accumulate the desired amount. So lets say you manage to get 28,000$ out of the 30,000$ than some sites may refund the money to investors and charge you with a fee. Others will give you the money but take a bigger percentage. This also depends on which service you are using, so make sure to pick wisely and to be objective on how much you really need and how much you can expect to get.

Take note

Thoroughly check the website where you are raising the money for all fees and charges. Be careful as there are plenty of website offering these type of services, as we live in internet era where frauds are not so uncommon.


TubeStart is basically a CrowdFund intended for videos. We all know how powerful YouTube is when it comes to video promotion and reaching immense amount of visitors with your videos. But the founder of TubeStart, Joseph Holm realized that most people that are trying to make a living from videos are having hard time unless they are extremely talented or already famous and well known. That is how they got the idea to make TubeStart to help people who are trying to make a living from videos, get fundraising so they can produce better and more quality videos and also change the way the videos are monetized.

TubeStart is intended to support YouTubers who are putitng out content on weekly basis no matter what type of content it is(vlogs, drama, music or comedy). Whether you are just starting or want to become professional the TubeStart platform can help you achieve these goals. Their subscriptions allow content creators to run campaigns and give their audiences consistent content in exchange for a monthly fee. There is no fee for signing up for TubeStart but they do take their cut from the funding’s.


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