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Make your own animated video

As technology evolves it is becoming easier and more approachable to have your own animated videos out there on the web. It is still hard and time consuming to make your own video from scratch, but way easier than it was few years back.

There are still animation artist that do manual drawings of each frame. Their work is really amazing and has special touch to it,it is also very valuable and charged accordingly. But even they use computer software for coloring processes. Classical animators mostly use TVPaint software.

There are tons of software packages out there for creating 2D and 3D video animations. They vary in complexity and the options that they support. With good set of skills and good program you can make animations that appear to be handmade which is the intention of most animation designers.

Some software packages also serve for retouching the work that is already finished, so you can do some finishing touch and add that cherry on top.

You Can Do It

Alongside with technology the web developed, so now you have amazing and complex web applications and platforms. Speaking of platforms, there are platforms that allow you to create animated videos with little to no knowledge in the field of animation. With just few clicks of a mouse you can create a character and make him do something. Bonus of these platforms is that they immediately allow you to share the same animation on various other platforms and social media.

Everyone wants to have a viral video but it does requires some investment depending on the quality of video you are aiming. Some try to do make their own video from scratch, with little to no prior knowledge, and we will share few tips to help them out.


First and most important step. Stop here and take your time. If you are marketing your own product, than you are the person that know most about it and you need to use that knowledge. Brainstorm as many ideas possible to create a really compelling script. You need to show that your product is #1 and that your potential customers really need it. But don’t be too pushy and approach it wisely.


In case you are not doing a silent video, you should find and pick a suitable voice to cover your video. This is very important step, often overlooked and not given enough thought. Find someone amongst your friends or someone that you know that has a good narrative voice. Make that voice very clear and adding some background music can really make a big difference in way your video is perceived.


Find someone creative to help you with picking good frames for your script. You want to create as many product characters and pictures, that you can later merge into a final product. You may end up designing over 40 screen shots depicting different movement of characters and product.


Once you have all ready and set, it is time to merge all together and have a final version of your animated video. This is where you play with after effects and all the things that could further improve the quality of your video. Have your friends and family review the video and see what kind of message it leaves behind. If you feel that you have a fail product and that the things haven’t worked out as the way you wanted it, then it might be time to hire a professional.

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