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The Hobbit 3D Video Production: The Desolation of Smaug| Ipermedia

And the long waited sequel of The Hobbit trilogy is out, named The Desolation of Smaug. As always the LOTR team fails to disappoint. The visuals, soundtrack and the story line is breath taking. They even brought a whole new meaning to 3D cinema. With or without 3D, the scenes in the movie are just magnificent. Even though there is a lot of CGI used in this sequel, you can’t really complain about it since its done so good. For those who didn’t know there is a whole blog about making of The Hobbit by Peter Jackson. We strongly suggest to go and check it out, especially for people who are interested in the way this movie is made.
It certainly inspires anyone in the video production industry.

This video is a little glimpse of how much effort is put in to make these scenes in The Hobbit 3D Video Production.

You can find The Hobbit blog here or go to Peter Jackson’s Facebook page.

This is all for today about The Hobbit 3D Video Production.

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