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The stages of video production with Ipermedia

People often ask us…”what are the stages we’d go through in working with you? Pretty simple really, here are the steps we would take each client and project through.

1. Meeting / concept / requirements / estimate

Before the start of the project, there is the idea. It might be a customer’s idea or the product owner’s idea. The idea is then transformed into requirements and estimation in time, money and other resources is provided based on the requirements.

2. Signed contract or signed project brief/initiation document

If the client signs off on the quote we would have a ‘job booking form’ signed.

3. “Kickoff” meeting

The kickoff meeting (with all project team members) is not only to introduce the team members that will be working on the project to the client, The Producer / Director would also organise to have a prepared project plan ready for discussion and approval by the other team members. Everybody in the team will know “what” and “when” each aspect of the project should happen and also “who” is responsible for every specific task.

4. Detailed requirements and specifications

The Producer / Director and client should sit together and go through the requirements and get into details to clarify any queries.

5. Pre-production

The Producer / Director would continue to be the key point of contact between the client, and creative team. The Producer / Director would keep the client informed with details of location booking, talent options, date claiming, storyboard and script drafts and revisions and so on.

Shoot Planning

6. Production

The Producer / Director would continue to be the key point of contact between the client, and creative team. On location or on set, the Producer / Director would guide the production and communicate with the client about how the production is going, what has been done and what remains to be done. At this stage the client may also have some interaction with other members of the creative team as necessary – including the Cinematographer, Grip / Gaffer and Sound Recordist.

7. Post-production

The Producer / Director would continue to be the key point of contact between the client, and creative team. The Producer / Director may provide the client with video “rushes” (uncut footage). They would work with the Editor to provide rough cuts of productions as they develop, seeking and implementing client feedback along the way. The Producer / Director would work with the motion designer/s in creation of high end supporting motion graphic elements and animation. The Producer / Director would provide drafts of these elements and seek approvals and / or revisions from the client.

8. Final revisions and polishing

This is the stage where we would involve the client in a deeper way to ensure they/he/she is satisfied with the results. Any issues and change requests would be handled by the Producer / Director and relevant creative team members.

9. Project delivery

When you manage large digital/web projects it is important to allocate enough time and resources for the “going live” stage. Sometimes you need to ensure the hardware is going to stably sustain the traffic and the load and work closely with the system administrators too. It is always good to have a demo meeting in the end of every project, where the project manager, the product owner and/or the team members present the project’s features.

10. Feedback / Outcome meeting

Once the production is finished, has been delivered and implemented, where possible we request and outcome evaluation meeting. This is a chance for the Producer / Director, Creative team and Client to review what was planned at the outset, and evaluate the level to which achieved planned and intended outcomes. The client has an opportunity to make comment or recommendations for future productions, and as a team the performance of each team member may be evaluated.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch! We’d love to chat about your next video production project.

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