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Tips for video marketing strategy

Lately, videos are becoming the main method of marketing and showcasing your product/service. The days of television supremacy are behind us. Internet is unique in a way that you can choose what you want and most of the stuff that you normally watch on television can be easily found on the internet. According to studies, 57% of people have watched a video online and 19% are watching videos daily.

With this in mind you should realize that the easiest way to showcase your company service or product is via video. It is the most simple way to engage with potential customers and have them learn about your company in an engaging manner.

Even from a search engine optimization perspective, it’s beneficial to use video marketing. Reason being is videos are ranking extremely well in search engines, and people will more likely use video information – especially in cases of how to videos.

But to harness the power of video marketing it is very important to know proper video marketing strategy.

Tips on video marketing strategy.

Knowing how to implement marketing strategy to your videos will make a huge difference in your online presence. Lets look at some key concepts when marketing video.

Present your product

If you want your product to be remembered you need your video to build up excitement and drama. The product should be carefully introduced with all key concepts. You may wish to have testimonials in your videos, that your potential customers can relate to.  People talking about how you handled their problem is one of the best ways to make others interested in your product/services. Make sure that your videos are witty with a good message, and your video will go viral in no time.

Create series

Once you notice that your videos are getting the attention they need, than you need to make sure that those viewers come for more. You do this by creating series of videos with same theme. Take your time in every video to point to the next one, and notify your viewers/subscribers that they can expect more quality content from you. You can easily get feedback and ideas on what your viewers want to see from you and adapt properly. Once your viewers start engaging you should really listen and reply to them, as they can provide invaluable feedback.

Be personal and unique

Make your video interesting! Unless you think outside the box, or you have the voice of Morgan Freeman, chances are that no one will hear what you have to say. If you are not a professional video producer, then hire someone who is, to do it for you. You can find companies with enthusiastic creatives that can work with you on your idea to make it even better. Presentations like whiteboard animation are so popular nowadays and with reason. Viewers have shown great interest in videos like this, and it also explains the purpose of your product or service in an amazing way.

Don’t forget to be personal, and share your thoughts and feelings with your customers. Always try to leave a personal touch in your videos, it can really build a relationship with your audience.

Be funny

This can be challenging but extremely rewarding. Not much to say here, if you can make people laugh they will like you. Funny video commercials take over internet like a plague. People watch these videos even if they are not interested the product/services. They might not convert but it definitely helps your branding. If you have a concept of a funny video laying around somewhere, than just go for it. You never know if it could go viral and take your brand to new limits.

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