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The History of Animation

The beginning of the movie making industry is related to the lot of very enthusiastic human beings. Some of them invented different versions (but on a very similar principle) of that “magic box”, so called camera. Thanks to their sense for a, in that time very advanced technology, the history of mankind faced one absolutely new view of a quite already enveloped and very rich family of visual art.

The ceremony of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee from 1897 is actually the first panning shot taken with a very simple rotating camera built by Robert W. Paul. Another contemporary movie maker in French Republic is the also very known and famous artist Georges Melies.

Honestly speaking, in front of the lot of generation after them, We are forced to say that it was the sensation of the century, in the very full sense of that word, without even a bit doubt about it.

Were They able to realize the real importance of those pale, muted and non colored motion pictures which impressed human souls from all over the World, from this distance it is very hard even to mention, not only to say it.

However, like it or not, in a couple of years of their little lives, they have changed everything what happened through billions years of the Universe.

Wizards Fantasia

Suddenly, everything was near – small stars from the end of the Milky Way, Cezar holding Cleopatra, even Nanook of the North, a typical survivor in the middle of nowhere.

The dream became true at last!

It was nothing unusual to sleep beside a woman which one is dreaming about Rudolph Valentino… and it was extremely hard to believe that She is not Hedy Lamarr herself, too. The life writes novels. One of them could be Your favorite one!

So much about Grown ups.

But, beside the Grown ups, our Planet dwelts also some completely different kind of People. Their main characteristic is that they don’t have to understand to much, but They do feel much more than Grown ups ever did. As you already guess, we are talking about children!

Like always, They were looking after their place under the Sun, in that time too. Bur what to offer to them? What is it, what that little creatures could expect to see?

Luckily, some Grown ups are very talented in that way. They do understand much more than other people do.

Something very similar to an animated movie came up in the 19th century. They were only enchanted drawings, but it was very interesting and enjoyable to watch and dream about them. After that, in 1906 Stuart Blackton, the so called “Father of animation “, produced His first animated film – ” Humorous Phases of Funny Faces “. But, the very first traditional animation creation methods happened actually in Europe. The French artist Emile Cohl made His (and Our, too ) first animated movie in the history of the World. It was ” Fantasmagorie “, presented to the Public in 1908.

Kids were getting crazy about their Heroes. The Animated movie entered history trough the main entrance. Everybody asked for one more ticket! And Nobody knew what kind of creatures will be presented the following night, and Nobody in what way it will create their sense for to understand the each segment of the following period of their lives, but Everybody guessed that it will be something special.

And, They were right!

Of course, there are always some exception. Just one year after the first public presentation of the “enchanted drawings”, something very strange happened in Chicago Illinois U.S.A. .

On December 5th 1901 a very clever kid with unlimited creativity was born. Couple of years later, He was not satisfied with the offered program at all. He wanted to see more and more, something much more better than they have watched at that time. Yes, He wanted the best for all of Us. At last, He took a pencil himself and started to draw His own dreams. And He did it!

I think, his name was Walt Disney.

In 1923 He opened a studio in Los Angeles California. Till his death in December 1966, He did a lot for all of Us. We are going to mention just a bit of his very great opus. For example, the legendary Mickey Mouse ( 1932 ), Three Little Pigs ( 1934 ), Donald Duck (1934 ),The Tortoise and the Hare ( 1935 ), The Old Mill ( 1938 ), Snow White and the seven Dwarfs ( 1939, the first full length animated and musical feature done in Technicolor ), Pinocchio ( 1940 ), Dumbo ( 1941 ) etc.

After his death, Walt Disney Productions continued to do a great job, also. Besides,They have produced The Jungle Book ( 1967 ), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ( 1977 ), The Little Mermaid ( 1989 ), Aladdin ( 1992 ), Pocahontas ( 1995 ), Mulan ( 1998 ) and so many others.

One of the lot of the curiosity related to Walt Disney Productions House is their production from couple of years ago. The very famous becomes ” Tangled ” ( 2010 ), which one is actually the most expensive animated movie ever done and probably even the most expensive single-movie production, too. A budget for this art work account almost 260 million dollars.

Well, for this time, “That would be all, Folks!”

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