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Video Production Shooting Styles and Techniques

Capturing the motion pictures and creating reduced work from them in an artistic or commercial way on a video tape, hard disc etc. is what We mean if We are talking about video production. It is actually just the new way useful for some video production whose recording and distribution is done electronically. But, the point is absolutely the same – in one artistic way create some wished content and deliver it as a finished video product.

In other words, this is quiet different and much more useful technique for very wide production of television programs, commercials, corporate video, wide range of home videos, too etc. It must not be only profitable production. Some very simple video techniques are not so expensive, which means that it is available to ordinary people too. For example, some family home – movie can be done with a prosumer camcorder in a hand of an amateur or in a much more professional way, with much more sophisticated tools in some television studio. On the other hand, some quality electronic field production ( EFP ) can be done only with professional techniques in the hand of a very good and extremely responsible artist. At last, each of us knows how to make some cake for every day, but if We need something special for our daughters wedding day, than we should know where the doors are, on which we should knock.
( Please, just do not knock on Heavens door! )

Video Production Shooting Styles Techniques

“And now something completely different!” – as some people would like to say.

We should mention some essential styles of video – shooting. One of Them is the so called ” looser shoot “. The looser shoot is actually one hand – held shoot of moving images used to attain a more jittery angle of the camera. Talking about looser shoot, We are talking about styles of shooting incorporating the so called Dutch angle, whip pan and whip shoot, to.
For a locked – down shoot we use the shooting on a tripod, because we do not want our camera to change It’s position. Shooting on a jib gives some smoothly soars to varying heights. For smooth movement is excellent to shoot with a steadicam. So much about It.

By the way, We have to say a couple of words about corporate video production. We shall talk about something that each television program contains, almost every day.

Corporate video production contains a lot of that : a very wide range of videotaping conferences, training, education, promotions, products, sales, services, political meetings, public celebration etc.
A very well known, creative and productive type of a corporate shoot is the so called ” candid ” or ” happy face ” video. The ” happy face ” video means a multiple – day event covered by a video crew including a couple of speakers, well done breakout session, awards, some important works ( scientific, political or artistic for example) and some public activities in which the “main star ” participates. Before the end of the convention, an onsite editor present to Us one extremely reduced version of the convention, actually only ” the highlights ” of that what we have been just watching. A well done convention is an excellent chance to promote something ( or somebody ) in It’s best light.

Temporary, there is a great interest about online video production. A lot of very tasteful done websites include a wide range of very different videos. There are a lot of video production tools that allow the production without using a physical camera. It is absolutely impossible to mention all of them in a so big and growing range of context on websites. For example, internet marketing videos are probably the most interesting for many of us. They have two essential types: transactional videos which aim to sell a wished product to a customer, and reference videos whose modern political parties and their very wealthy activities are impossible to imagine without well organized video production.

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