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5 Most Expensive Music Videos

In today`s list we will mention the 5 most expensive music videos ever made in music industry. It is no secret that absurd amounts of money is spent on 5 minutes music videos. Hold on to your seats when you see the figures spent on these videos.


Pop music is where the big money is at. And who else would start off our list other than the pop queen, Madonna.

The song Bedtime  Story is a trip hop/trance type of song, which is a bit different from the Madonna we all know. The music video for the song is “tripy”, incorporating a lot of visuals. The main theme are surrealistic paintings with Egyptian motives, making this video flow well with the song. It took six days to film this video, but it took them weeks for post production, because the video incorporated a lot of CGI and effects.

The total cost for making this video is $5 million.


And another Madonna video. Surprised? “Express yourself” music video was the most expensive video ever made at that period – $5 million. The reason it holds the fourth place even though they seem tied, is that the video was made in 89. If we take inflation in to consideration. This video is clear winner.

The investment payed off as the video picked up MTV Music award for best  direction and best cinematography.


Aaand once again Madonna takes the cake, this time with more recent video. The queen of pop, sure likes to have high end music video and doesn’t save a dime when it comes to making one. Let me assure you, this is the last Madonna’s video on our list, and the most expensive one – $6.1 million.

Inspired by famous action film James Bond, this music video features a lot of special effects, to make the combat between “good and evil Madonna” as realistic as possible. As the videos before, this one was also kept long time in post production, to deliver the wanted effects.


And the Madonna spree ends here. The second place goes to a more recent music video from Britney. We all know she had her “ups and downs” but she definitely came back hard with several new hits. One of them is on our list of most expensive music videos ever made called “Work B***h”. The costs for video production was $6.5 million. This video is jam packed with expensive cars , dancers, sharks in a pool, versatile scenery and fancy effects.


We mentioned the queen of pop on our list, and the first place to the one and only king of pop – Michael Jackson and his sister Janet. This brother-sister duo escaped from earth on a space ship, in their music video of course. The video was more than impressive for the time it was made in, but the budget for it was of the charts. Up to today this music still holds the number one spot with $7 million spent. If we count in inflation today, it would cost $10,723,957. Crazy amount for a music video, right? But we like to be entertained and entertainers are not cheap when it comes to this.

This is it for our top 5 list of most expensive videos ever made. Hope you liked it. Leave a comment below if you want more posts like this, and don’t forget to share.


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