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How to start your own Business Video Production

In this article we are going to give you a few useful tips on how to start your own Business Video Production.

Before we start, lets just briefly discuss the various types of video production.

Corporate Video

Corporate video production covers a wide range of purposes from corporate Communication, Training and Education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, and sales. A popular type of corporate shoot is known as the “candids” or “happy-face” video, in which a multiple-day event is covered by a video crew, including speakers, break-out sessions, awards ceremonies and local recreational activities in which the conventioneers participate.

Television Broadcast

Television broadcast productions include television commercials, infomercials, newscasts, entertainment shows, documentaries, news magazines, sitcom and reality shows. They may be distributed by broadcast syndication.

Event Video

Video production can be used at sporting, school, stage, wedding, church, and similar events to provide recordings of the events. Event video productions range in distribution from a wedding video that is custom made for a bride and groom and their immediate family and friends, to a dance recital where dozens to hundreds of videos are sold to individual dancers.

Marketing Video

Marketing videos are used to promote an organization or product and create awareness among consumers. Marketing video production ranges from television advertisements to internet commercials and viral videos.

Real Estate video production

Real Estate video productions consists of shooting footage of properties and editing them into short videos; the final videos could include footage, graphics, titles, animations, and voice over.

Video production for distance education

Video production for distance education is the process of capturing, editing, and presenting educational material specifically for use in on-line education.

Internet Video Production

Many websites include videos. These videos are not necessarily produced online, although there are many video production tools that allow the production of videos without actually using a physical camera. An example of this is using the YouTube video editor to create a video using pre-existing video content that is held on the platform under creative commons license.

Training Video

Training videos are commissioned by organizations to promote or make changes in workforce. This can range throughout the organization from training for those that need to learn simple, repetitive tasks and up to executive training. In addition, organizations often purchase or rent more generic training videos to minimize costs. Such videos would include safety, first aid, time management, sales skills, etc.

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Now that you are familiar with various kinds of Video Production, we are going to guide you trough the process of starting your own Bussiness Video Production.

The first thing you need to do is to make a market research. That way you will find out what the trends and competition are. If there is like 8 corporate video production companies around your area and only 1 or 2 wedding productions, the logical step would be to avoid starting a corporate production and focus more on starting your own Wedding Video Production. With that said, you will need to start a research on your competitors. What services do they offer, at what prices and how successful they are in their bussiness. The most imporant answer is to find out how to beat them. Check out their website and try to find out what kind of service or quality they are lacking. Try to conquer the market with something new and innovative. Take your time to think over this thoroughly.

After you have seen that there is plenty of opportunities out there, you need to start working on your Business. Every start is hard, so don’t get demotivated if at the beggining you are spending more than you are actually earning. Since you will need to make a name out there, it could take up to two years before you start making big money. If you are having a full-time job you can easily cover the expenses of your Video Production, if not you can try to take a loan from the bank or even find some investors that are willing to finance your business.

Starting your own Video Production Business is a hard thing to do and it is not everybody. You need to have Will Power, Passion and Patience if you actually want that a project of this magnutude succeeds.

We found an interview with Ryan Corcoran that can help you start your own Business Video Production.


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