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Consider…your business broadcasts to the world…

Using Video on the Internet

Getting eyes (viewers) to your web site is one thing. Once they arrive keeping them is another altogether.

Video Streaming offers an excellent opportunity to keep eyes on your site. How, by creating a series of short thirty to sixty second web commercials that can be created to sell, market, train or promote your company, product or organization. By doing a series you place a different streaming video clip on different pages within your site. Once the eyes are on that page they watch your video and while watching will look at other items you have to offer.

Tips: 1) Keep the videos short and to the point. 2) Have a professional look. This video represents your business. Hire a professional to give you that look. 3) Make the video stream available for multiple video streams. i.e. dialup, DSL, Broadband, Cable. 4) Link that video to other sites of interest (chambers, associations etc).

Keep customers (and potential customers) engaged, keep clients and network partners informed. Step into the limelight. Consider…your business broadcasts to the world.

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