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Making a sales pitch is not a walk in the park. The experts on matters communication will tell you that on average you have basically got some three or so minutes to make a lasting impression on any individual. The static gets worse – You will need at least eight consecutive meetings to reverse any negative impression that you might have created in the mind of a person who got the wrong image of you.

In business this is a calamity – a calamity for the simple reason that once you blow a chance- you can take this to the bank – no individual will give you eight more chance encounters to reverse their negative opinion. The suave businessman knows that he has to check against any such incidences.

This article will give you one way via which you can leverage the use of technology and consequently improve your standing before your potential clients. The focus of this article will be on explainer videos. What is an explainer video, you might ask, read on. Explainer videos are basically videos (sic) that on average should run for about a minute or two and are used to explain a product to some target audience. While it is not the rule of thumb, most explainer videos are animated and the video is normally laced with fun and humor. The conservative reader might find it bad taste, to basically play an animation in an informal meeting but there are a number of advantages that come with electing to play an explainer video, these are listed below.

Explainer Video

Advantages of using explainer videos

  • Theme– The beauty of using an explainer video is that the punch line of your message or its main point is arrived at within the first or second minute of the video running. This is important because unlike traditional methods of delivering messages – bound reports or the verbal route- you get to the climax in seconds which ensures that you audience is not distracted in between the delivery and the punch line;
  • Commitment – A well made explainer video can get an audience to commit to a cause much faster than any other route out there. While the numbers are not yet in it has been estimated that the conversion rates that come when using explainer videos are high as compared to the other traditional routes. As any sales man out there knows the most important job in delivering a sales pitch is getting a commitment – the explainer video makes this job easier;
  • Versatility – The beauty of using explainer videos is that they are versatile. This is in the sense that the video formats that can be used can be broadcast on other platforms such as the internet and because of the vastness of the scope of coverage you can be guaranteed that you can reach a wider market than any sales team would using the traditional methods available.

Explainer videos have become something of a fad –search any search engine for a tag such as explainer videos Australia or explainer videos Brisbane- every business entity seems to think that they are the latest marketing tool in the market. Unfortunately it is this sort of thinking that basically ensures that many of such entities miss out on the leverage that could be drawn from well thought out explainer videos. To ensure that you do not fall short as you attempt to pitch a sale with an explainer video ensure that you observe the following rules whilst making an explainer video:

  • Foremost focus on the content of the video, not the novelty of running a video – people are no longer fascinated by explainer videos merely running messages; the message is king;
  • Second have a sole message that addresses the subject of discussion– the subject could be a peeve clients have with an organization or even an agenda that you want to pitch;
  • Thirdly get somebody to write the script – a professional entity will ensure that the script is no longer than three minutes and answer a number of questions –theme, solution(s),sign up etc;
  • Fourthly get somebody to do a voice over and create a video; it goes without saying that this is a professional job best done by an explainer video production entity.

The last step of all this would be to run your video. In all this remember substance triumphs over form –ensure that you explainer videos do justice to your course, all the best.

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