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Logo animation – Step up your branding game

With technology constantly improving, and without any sign of slowing down we need to try and keep up.

We can all agree that having a unique logo for your business is very important for your brand. The logo era starts way back with hot metal typesetting, and since then every brand has used their logo for making their brand memorable. If we were to read something written with coca-cola or Yahoo! font most of us would immediately remember and correlate that font to the brand.

But with changes to marketing and presentation it is important to adapt and use every opportunity to improve your branding techniques. One way of doing this is to create an animated logo. Nowadays most companies use websites and videos (in combination) to showcase their products and services in the best light possible. Static logos were more than sufficient in the old days of internet with static websites. But today, websites have turned into interactive applications and videos are popular more than ever. You can use this to your branding advantage and have a dramatic video animation of your logo. This gives you opportunity to play with your logo design, typography and even melodies.

Some brand melodies like Nokia’s start up polyphonic melody or McDonald’s “I’m loving it”, are memorable for all ages. You can see how something so simple can have huge impact to your branding.

When you start implementing video marketing strategy it is important to have your animated logo ready. With custom font, dramatic buildup and brand melody, you will get the max out of your branding and greatly increase chances of people remembering your brand.

Remember to hire a professional service for animated logo. What you will get from this is:

  • Good designers have years of experience and can help you chose right fonts and colors for your brand logo.
  • They will not commit to work until they research and have a logo design concept.
  • You have a professional with whom you can share your ideas and work together to create a perfect logo
  • A bonus of having a great logo is the free traffic from people searching for your logo as inspiration

Most large and successful companies use logo animation to further increase their brand identity. They know well how it can benefit their business.

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