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Motion design inspiration

No matter how good you are at what you do, we all get inspiration block from time to time. It can also be very challenging to create something unique and original. Motion design like any other design career requires a lot of brainstorming for ideas. We wrote this article to help you get the best out of your brainstorming sessions, and create quality products.

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First and foremost is to have everything you need, all ready and set. One of the most important things that can be applied to almost every profession there is, is relaxed state of mind. Sometimes the more you force yourself the harder it becomes to be inspired and creative.
So grab a cup of coffee, laptop, pen and paper, get your client, friend or colleague and start brainstorming. Simple things can make you very motivated and inspired like having a clean and tidy desk. Bring everything that you need, music, drinks, picture of nature or whatever gets you in the mood. Watching work from other designers can leave a lot of ideas behind, and thanks to video sharing websites, finding video inspiration is very easy. So plug your laptop and start browsing.


Leave all your stress, worries and personal stuff at the door of your office. Turn off your phone, especially if you are with a group of people that are brainstorming ideas. You want to make sure that every single idea is heard and considered even if it is very bad. You never know what it can trigger as our brains sometimes work in mysterious ways. Turning off your phone is very crucial. When searching for ideas it is very important not to get interrupted every five to ten minutes.

If you are working on idea for a project with a group of people, make sure that every member of the team feels equal and equally important. You want people to be relaxed and not constrained by sense of hierarchy. There should be no leader when questing for ideas. You never know who can be enlightened with an awesome idea.


This is pretty easy, just make yourself as comfortable as possible and have as much resources at hand. Browse the depths of the web, go through magazines and articles, to fill your head with as much information on the topic that you are working. Next step is to start drawing, writing shooting and playing around in a relaxed manner. Use flash, PhotoShop, after effects or whatever you use to get in the right mood. Try not to get interrupted or wonder off to some unrelated stuff on the internet. Note when working alone you can always upload or send to your colleagues to get a feedback on the stuff that you are working on.


Make sure to keep notes of your ideas and progress as you go. Having a phone or camera is always good, as you can draw a lot of inspiration from surroundings, as you travel home there are so many things that can inspire you. Capturing those moments with your camera can be quite rewarding. Go through forums and magazines, old and new ones till you have accumulated enough of inspirations and materials. Once you have all this you can share this via dropbox with your collegues and start brainstorming for ideas. Something good must come out of this.


  • Find a quiet place where you can peacefully brainstorm
  • Use every resource available to you
  • Have your camera, pen and paper ready
  • Keep your mind open even after the brainstorming has finished
  • Listen to everyone’s ideas and try to stimulate them to contribute
  • Accumulate and share all the materials with others
  • Keep in mind your client needs while developing ideas

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