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Motion graphics design and importance

One field of design that has grown and developed in pace with technology is Motion Graphics. All motion graphics are created with technology and are dependent on it. The more technology evolves the more advanced motion graphics become. Though the field is subject to change with new technological developments, there will always be a need for artists endowed with basic design skills, regardless of the tools available.

Many of the breathtaking effects in TV shows and movies cannot be staged and motion graphics are responsible for those fancy effects we all so love. TV stations and Film production studios have high demand for people skilled in motion graphics and vfx. The technology is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible, and this exciting industry is only bound by the limits of human imagination and the skills of the artist.

Motion graphics design and importance


The term motion graphics is pretty self explanatory. It is defined as “graphical communication that incorporates movement over time” a bit technical but what you’d expect from a definition. MG encompasses a lot of different design disciplines, including moving type, traditional cel and stop-motion animation, film, digital video production, 3d, Flash animation and 3d elements.

You’ll encounter motion graphics in advertisements and introductions… actually it’s hard not to come across an example of MG just by switching on the TV!


The days when only film studios could use motion graphics are long over. The technology is more affordable and quicker to develop thanks to ever-evolving software packages, and ever improving hardware and processing speeds, it’s now affordable to companies of all sizes.

Do you want your logo to do a front flip while the letters dance to the music with beautiful typography? Well that might sound lame to you but suffice to say nothing is impossible ? Your commercials can now have stunning effects and leave incredible impressions to the viewers.


Motion graphics are now being used in an educational context. In an effort to aid students that have trouble focusing duringclasses, professors and lecturers have started using motion graphics to create compelling class material that keeps all students engaged. Teachers can also include students in the creation of the video which is an interesting way to learn about a topic, and the students also create something that they can be proud of.


  1. They can be used in all the sectors; entertainment, gaming, training, educational or commercial sectors.
  2. Effective for advertising new as well as old products. They can also demonstrate the use of a product.
  3. They are quick to gain attention of even the people with the shortest attention span.
  4. Their cost of production remains relatively low as they are produced from a single location with the help of special software.
  5. They can easily break large, complex data – diffusing it into smaller packs, each one simplifying the message. This is done to present information in parts, thus finally presenting a large piece of information in an attractive way.
  6. They can target an audience of any kind and type. For instance, characters can be made of several kinds and types to cater to the tastes and preferences of a specific audience.
  7. They can be given the shape of an imaginative as well as real story to make the information as dynamic and real as possible.
  8. They give an identity to a business and create an image in the minds of viewers.
  9. They are capable enough to capture even the most minute detail which may not be possible with live motion video.

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