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Best Video Production Software

If you are new to video editing, one of the first steps to take is to pick a good video production software. It is easy to get lost, as there is a whole arsenal of tools out there, with various prices and options.

When just starting, probably the best option is to use one of the free video editing software. Because your are just experimenting with basic options and there are really good free editing tools for you to experiment, like the standard windows movie maker. You should avoid buying a high end software if you just started learning about video editing, or you will have that confused stare at the interface loaded with array of features.

Once you get the basics down like splitting, cutting, adding basic effects and understanding the video timeline you are ready to move to more advanced features and programs.

In this post we will only cover the more advance, and paid versions of video production software. Lets go through the rundown.


 First on our list and probably the best video editing software out there, today. It has been awarded with many awards as the best video editing software, in the past year, with most noted award from PC Magazine, as the best video editing software in 2013. The first quality of this software is it’s amazing speed, and the second one being the ease of use. Whether an expert or someone just starting, the interface is very intuitive and appealing and the software is made very easy to use. It also has a feature of using themes, which allows you to create a video withing minutes. The fellas from CyberLink have been refining this tool for quite some time and it is now a top video production software that is available for 49.99$.

This in depth review will show you the power of this software.


No introduction necessary for this powerhouse. Another powerhouse tool from adobe. With introduction of version 12, there have been several changes to the interface. Main focus with the version 12 is to train new users about video production, as they use the software. But it is a double edged sword, as the more experienced users may be unsatisfied with over simplified interface. Still a beastly software to use for your video production, which is available for 99.99$.
Here is a brief tour of the software.


And another awesome software from Corel as expected from a company that has been in this business for decades. As all of the today’s video editing software is focusing on ease of use for new users, VideoStudio Pro X6 is no exception. Like other tools we mentioned, the VideoStudio Pro X6 is also very intuitive and easy to use for those who started learning to use video production software.

The workplace is composed from storyboard and timeline which is very well done, and fun to use. The storyboard offers you a nice overview of all the scenes, while the timeline offers detailed information on technical parts like text, transitions, effects etc… The software costs 69.99$.

Here is another walk through video.


Another powerhouse that needs no intro. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 is a video editing software with included audio, DVD and blue ray software. This comes as a complete package, however it the video editing part of this software is lacking few features and templates compared to the competition that we mentioned above. But still an amazing tool that is available for 68.00$.


From the creator of the best burning software, we introduce Nero Video 2014 which is surprisingly well made piece of software. We can see that Nero has put a lot of effort in refining this software to pose a threat to standard powerhouses in video editing sphere. Even though it is not as good as the software we mentioned above, but for the price is a really good bargain to get this software, especially if you are just starting with video editing. The price of this software is 39.99$.

Yibbida Yibbida, that’s all folks for this list. There are plenty of other software solutions for video production out there, these are the ones that we prefer.

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