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A Mix Of Science And Art

Videography as it’s the most simplified form means the recording or capturing of images whether moving or static. Though the term simply indicates only recording or capturing, the function actually has some post production stage tasks like enhancing the video quality, intensifying the graphic details, syncing etc. Digital cameras, mobile phone cameras and video recorders are devices in wider use in the process. For some it is an art form while for others it is professional excellence. Therefore videography is a skill that brings out the videographer’s inborn genius and creativity together.

How To Be A Videographer?

To be the videographer you need high quality and high definition video cameras with the most modification options. Being a videographer starts with you in below ways:

  • Check out to buy a camera that offers ease of use, contemporary technology with diverse operating features and options.
  • Keep eyes open always everywhere, you can get a subject any time. Anything that excites or attracts keep recording them all. Grow up with the habit.
  • Do some experimental recording to get understanding on the videography basics like indoor or outdoor setting, use of light, adjustment of focus, ambience etc. See the coloring difference, noise level and sound output.
  • Keep recording whenever and wherever possible to learn the frame senses and angles. On editing panel at post production identify why to cut what on when and where.


Alternative of being a videographer is to hire him for your event. But whenever you are to hire a videography service you must consider below aspects to select the right one. This also works the same as what your clients will expect from you before hiring you for the service:

  • Always get a local videographer to save on time and money. Check which service provider is highly reputed in the community or who has the longest history of recording your event type. Review qualities of work samples.
  • Settle with the charges or look for packages, make a comparison and finalize a deal well before the event day. A common trick is to hire the person for main event of the day instead of the full date.
  • Make sure you have ensured enough support for the videographer to work like work space in the venue, power sources, multiplugs etc. Though a good service provider will have his own arrangement but it is no crime to have options available to save the videography.
  • Finalize the delivery details like form, format, number of copies, etc before recording.
  • Never wait to hire a person on last minute, you will ruin up everything. So follow above mentioned aspects carefully.

Respect The Top Secret Codes

Let us make this article a standalone resource for everyone check out the crack in top secret codes of videography here:

  • Don’t keep your camera moving, or zooming in & out or panning left or right with actions! Use stands to get along with the canvas!
  • Follow the rule, take wider shot, then medium then to close ups or the vice versa. Every frame must get some notable duration for every angle.
  • Backgrounds rarely help, have instantaneous back up plans.
  • Time lapse and light are crucial factor to budget your recording. Know if your story demands time lapse or not.
  • Always look for actions to record them. Never forget that framing can improvise your output.
  • Microphones must work, noises must be minimized.
  • Close ups are close ups, none zoom them in.
  • Overshooting is stressful but preparing for overshooting is smartness.

Videography stands as a good skill to run a successful business. Once you learn and master the skills you can decide to open a business and market your service. Ensure availability of cameras, recorders of different capacities and functionalities with extra battery and lighting instruments by buying them. Make a local events calendar, design your brochure and keep tapping them regularly. Explore your competitors marketing strategy, if you can learn from them, there is no harm.

Last Words

Lastly, videography has many aspects in its darkroom that in post production editing phase! These are mostly software tool based. And they are easier to learn and apply than developing an inner urge of being the videographer. Try harder; everyone keeps improving everyday in some ways!

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