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Web Video Production

Where ever we go we are surrounded by banners, adds, commercials and all sorts of advertising and promotions. We have so many media devices and applets in our pockets and at home that it is very easy to target people with advertisement. But you don’t want to annoying with the way you market your product, but in some rare cases, even being really persistent pays off.
That is why you need to choose the right way of advertising and believe me when I say the one we will touch today is the web video production.

Most companies don’t have super high budget to pay for a big advertising campaign, that will make them a huge profit. So what to do, and what kind of advertising and marketing should the smaller companies use. Strangely, the answers seems to be the web video production. Reason why I say “Strangely” is because the costs of video production few years back was really high, but with technology, evolving over the years the cost dropped immensely, making video production accessible to small companies.

With the explosion of video popularity, a lot of companies (small or big ones) turned to web video production. Internet is so big today, and videos on the internet is probably the most popular media. Video keeps the viewers most occupied, has the best conversion rates, gets easily shared and can go viral. On top of all this, videos rank extremely well in all search engines and you can get link back and shares on social media which will boost the SEO efforts for your website.

Web Video Production


Crate a personal connection

Try to be very personal in your videos and create something others can relate to. In the cold space of web, being yourself and really talk from the heart about things other care can really go a long way. If you manage this correctly your videos will have much better success rates. Use a spoke person, humor scenes and images to make your video as compelling as it can be. If you get the people to relate to your video, they will share the video among each other and go viral.


Video tutorials, also called “how to’s” are very popular and high in demand. People want to learn stuff watching a detailed video on that topic. I’m sure a lot of you have used YouTube to find how to do some fancy thing in Excel or to some house hold errand. Videos are easy and compelling way to learn, and in case you have the knowledge to create one, than that’s the way to go. The “How to’s” are incredibly popular and can reel in immense amounts of traffic to your website.

Video placement

Maybe you have a great video all ready and waiting but sitting on your desktop, and you are not sure where to put it. We don’t blame you, it is easy to lose track on this ever growing internet. Lets start with the most obvious decisions like placing your video on YouTube and Vimeo. These are social platforms for videos with crazy amount of daily visits. You can build your profile with subscribers and even earn money. The best part is that you don’ t have to spend a dime.

The second place where you want your video is of course your own website. Now you might be wondering,”isn’t my own website the first place to have my video on?”. Well technically, yes, but first you should place the video on platforms we mentioned like YouTube and Vimeo and then embed the same video to your site. This way you can link back to your website from YouTube but also the visitors of your site can visit your YouTube Chanel and have a chance to subscribe and view your others videos.

Web video marketing can be a fun, cheep and high valued way of marketing. If you are a smaller company, than you should definitely give it a try.


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