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Web Video – Why you need it

Web video is set to become the standard medium for web advertising in the future. No other advertising medium has such an ‘attention grabbing’ power as web video Web Video provides the cutting edge for webmasters to increase sales and boost profits. Incorporating web video in your website is inexpensive, attractive and will soon become expected of all webmasters globally.

Web video is quickly becoming the chosen medium for web advertisers seeking maximum exposure and profit. News Corp Chief Operating Officer Peter Chernin anticipates a dramatic rise in Internet Video Advertising and thinks it “will maybe rival (Web) search as the fastest-growing area of advertising for the next several years.” Now is the time to incorporate web video on your website before the market becomes flooded.

Recent developments in flash to video conversion technologies have seen a boom of highly productive web video software. Flash to video based software results in a smaller file size while retaining excellent quality in the video stream. The best part of Flash to video is that it has become a standard and hence nearly all browsers are capable or presenting your video as you created it. Essentially Quicktime and Windows Media Player have been left in the dust, and need some serious catching up to match the capabilities of flash video.

Utilizing web video can bring significant results to a website via back linking and weight the major search engines place on top video hosting sites such as You tube. It is widely known that the best way to get your website ranked well in the search engines is to have a professional back linking structure- in which your site is linked to by sites with a high quality index (PR). Tags or keywords are associated with one’s web video and can serve to vastly improve its SEO. It is extremely likely that in the future major search engines such as Google will place more weight or importance on video material- perhaps even more than text in some instances.

Web video advertising is relatively new and inexpensive- this will more than likely change as the market becomes saturated with different technologies. According to US-based firm eMarketer, spending on video and advertising is anticipated to rise to $3 billion by 2010. Currently less than 1% of websites incorporate streaming video, yet there is a captive audience of 1 billion web video users. There is a demand, and savvy internet marketers will feed it.

Conclusion In short you need web video on your site because it will bring hordes of traffic and will be more likely to hook a potential buyer to your website than ordinary text will. Flash to video capabilities have raised the bar in terms of competent and reliable streaming capabilities. All you need to do is create and upload your video.

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