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5 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Even though Hollywood is not really open with the subject of how much money do they spend on production of their films. It is well estimated which movies had most money invested in.

Just for the sake of fun, we did a small research on what are the most expensive videos ever made and we found these five. Enjoy.

5. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Released in: 2009

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Harry Ginny

The sixth sequel of the super popular Harry Potter series, written by J.K. Rowling, had the budget of over 250 million dollars. A magical sum of money, for a magical experience. The film was released in 2009 for worldwide cinema, and was seen in IMAX 3D cinema. The movie was a huge success and broke the record of earning $394 million in only five days. This movie also goes to the list of most grossing movies, taking number 8 with astonishing $934 million.

No wonder considering how much was invested in marketing of this film. Warner Bros didn’t regret investing $150 million in marketing and distribution. Safe to say, it payed off.


Released in: 2012

John Carter 810

Unlike Harry, Mr John didn’t have such return on investment. This long awaited fantasy adventure film had the budget of $250 million. Disney didn’t hold back on producing this film, however it failed to deliver, to say the least. The effects and scenery were amazingly done and but very cheesy. The overall critic gave him 51% pass, which is very low for a film of this budget caliber.

The worldwide total earnings for this film are $284 million, which is little over what was invested. We can safely say that this movie was a flop.

3. Spiderman 3

Released in: 2007


Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures brought us the dark side of spider man just for little over $258 million, giving it a number three spot on our list. Unlike the previous parts, this one didn’t do so well with the critics. It had 63% approval rate at rotten tomatoes getting mixed to positive feedback. Either way we all rushed to the cinemas to see new adventures of Peter Parker and of course, the love of his life, Marry Jane. The movie grossed $830 million worldwide.


Released in: 2010

Surprisingly, the number two spot on our list actually goes to an animated film. Who else would have such high budget for animated movie other than Disney. With combination of CGI and traditional animation, this truly is animated masterpiece. It is crystal clear that they have put a lot of effort in making this animated film visually stunning. But it took them 6 years and $260 million to bring this 3d experience to life. A lot of emphasis was on 3d presentation of this film, which affected the production cost by fair amount.

The movie earned $591 million of worldwide box office revenue, which is not a lot compared to other examples on our list, but definitely not flop. Critics also loved it giving it 89% approval rate on rotten tomatoes.


Released in: 2007

No wonder that this pirate adventure holds our number one spot. This movie still holds the record for the highest budget movie ever with $300 million spent( almost five times average movie budget. ). But it is also the most successful movie in 2007 earning well over $960 million, worldwide. We all love the adventures of Jack Sparrow, and they made sure to deliver a thrilling experience.

That is all for our short list of most expensive movies ever made. We hope you enjoyed this info, and if you want more posts like these, leave a comment below.

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